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Circa 1966

Wurlitzer-Cougar solid body, 2 pickup, stereo, yellow finish, double cutaway, electric guitarThis is a solid body, asymmetrical double cutaway, Wurlitzer Cougar stereo electric guitar made in the Holman-Woodell factory of Kansas. This guitar features a maple body, a yellow finish, white celluloid binding on the neck, two chrome covered Sensi-Tone single coil pickups, a Bigbsby-like Wurlitzer Vibratron whammy tailpiece with a W cutout in its metal base, a fully adjustable Tunemaster bridge with individually adjustable white plastic saddles for each string, a white pickguard on which all of the electronics are mounted that covers the two horns and descends down behind the bridge and ends in an archipelago down into the lower treble bout. This guitar is in good shape, displaying the usual wear for an instrument that is approximately 50 years old. It plays and sounds superb. The Cougar's fast action feels fantastic under your fingers. It includes the original hardshell case and the original soft case. This guitar will certainly be appreciated by both collectors and players. Do not miss your chance to get this beauty!Description from

CONDITION:Description from
100% original, this guitar is in good condition. There are spots of wear and paint chips to the finish mainly along the sides and bottom. There are also a small amount of barely visible thin lines of crazing to the finish and a few dings on the back. This guitar, however, still looks, feels and sounds wonderful.

TUNERS:Description from
The all original, six, individual, closed back metal, permanently lubricated, Kluson Deluxe tuners with metal buttons and steel and brass gears, are smooth and in great working order.

NECK:Description from
It has a straight maple, celluloid bound, neck, attached with four bolts on a metal plate, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 22 frets and 24.5" scale. The Wurlitzer neck is unique for its red dot position markers embedded in the binding on the side. There is no wear to frets but there is a small amount of cosmetic wear to the finish on the back of the neck that does not affect the playability. The action is fast. The frets and fretboard feels fantastic under your fingers. The headstock, featuring a string tree for the high E and B strings, and a silkscreened logo on a natural finish, is clean with a little wear on the back and top edges. The neck is kept straight with an adjustable truss rod.
Description from

PICKUPS:Description from
There are two chrome covered single coil, Sensi-Tone, pickups, with individually adjustable pole pieces. The neck pickup provides a clean, warm, full tone. The bridge pickup offers an edgier, twangier tone than the neck without being too trebly. This is a stereo guitar with each pickup providing sound separately for the left and right channel. The neck pickup is channel A and the bridge pickup is channel B. The guitar has a three position toggle to select channel A, channel B or both channels and a stereo channel mixer knob located on the upper treble horn to determine how much sound is mixed in from each channel. On the lower treble bout, there are four more knobs which control volume and tone for each channel. Next to each pickup is a switch to instantaneously adjust the tone of that particular pickup to a pre-determined setting listed as "jazz" or "rock". With the proper usage of the pickup/channel selection switch, tone knobs, volume knobs, instantaneous switches, and channel mixer, the player can achieve a nearly unlimited range of tones suitable for a myriad of musical styles including but not limited to jazz, soul, rock and blues, funk, country, blue grass, punk, post-punk and hardrock. The guitar was built so that when a stereo cable is used both channels are audible; however, when a regular mono cable is attached to the guitar, only the neck pickup, channel A, can be used. Overall, the pickups work well and sound excellent. All electronics work properly.

DIMENSIONS:Description from
    Overall length: 40"
    Body width: 12.5"Description from
    Body thickness: 1.75" (2" with neck)
    Scale: 24.5"
    Width of the nut: 1 11/16"
Description from
    Depth of the neck at nut: .75" approximately
    String height at 12th fret: 1/16"
Description from

Here's the original description from the 1966 Wurlitzer catalog:

THE Wild Ones

A brand new series of quality Wurlitzer Guitars for the full-of-fun crowd!
  • BRILLIANT RESPONSEDescription from
  • BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCEDescription from
These wonderful Wurlitzer electric guitars are the most exciting fun-makers you've ever had the pleasure to play! Whether you're playing jazz, rock, or folk music, you'll praise the extremely fine playing qualities, the unusual flexibility and rich, vibrant tone. Handsome cutaway styling puts you in you a faster action. Amazing range and tonal versatility are right at your fingertips. Sling one of these solid performers over your shoulder-play it straight or improvise to your heart's content.
 You'll discover that these brilliant Wurlitzer guitars are a perfect match for your every musical mood...they're the wild ones you'll love to tame to your touch!
THE COUGARDescription from
Wonderfully wild and colorful! Its fast action and solid stereo sound will play right into the hearts of your audience.
Model 2510 Taffy White
Model 2511 Lollipop Red
Model 2512 Sunburst
Here's the original description from the 1966 Wurlitzer waranty key hang tag:
PERMANENTLY LUBRICATED ENCLOSED MACHINE HEADS. All Keys are on one side for easy tuning. All strings have straight pull. No messy oiling needed-ever. Steel and brass gears-positive action.
THREE-POSITION CHANNEL SELECTOR SWITCH. At a flick of your finger you can select channel A, channel B, or the thrilling effect of both channels. Exciting versatility at its best!
Each channel adjusts immediately to preselected tone for playing jazz or rock. The tone variety you need is just a touch away.
Two exclusive SENSI-TONE pckups-one for each channel-have individually adjustable polepieces for maximum tone and volume balance adjustment.
You can be sure of accurate intonation on your Wurlitzer guitar by utilizing the individual adjustments for each string on the TUNEMASTER bridge. If a string sounds flat at the 12th fret when compared with the harmonic at that fret turn the adjustment screw at the back of the bridge counter-clockwise. Conversely, if the string sounds sharp, turn the screw clockwise.
CHANNEL MIXER Used in conjunction with the three-position channel selector switch, the channel mixer lets you decide how much of the tone you want from each channel-lets you adjust the balance between them precisely, easily, smoothly.
Vibrato effect is easy and positive. A well tempered compression spring and needle bearings assure return to the original pitch. Control arm swings into proper position for using-completely out of the way when not needed.
Each channel on the Wurlitzer electronic guitar can be independently and accurately regulated for tone and volume. Add this to the channel mixer and the three-position channel selector switch and you have absolute control-you're the boss on the Wurlitzer Wild One!
Description from

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Wurlitzer-Cougar solid body, 2 pickup, stereo, yellow finish, double cutaway, electric guitar

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